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Who Wants a Piece of Commissions Like These?

Advertise and Get Paid A Commission for Each Sale You Make!

Spread the word about, and get paid for it! Become a affiliate today and I will pay you over 60% commission for every sale you refer.

The commissions are focused on 2 areas. The first is a monthly continuity program. What that means is you don’t just get paid on the initial sale & you keep getting paid for the same customer every month! And as any serious internet marketer knows, continuity is a surefire way to make the real money.

We also offer a one-time only payment option for $197 or $97, and due to our recently updated sales funnel this offer converts really well, meaning big commissions for you

Why Should You Promote

  1. To spread the word – Everybody want to make money. SportsBettingProfessor’s product offering is perhaps the best money-making opportunity of any kind, for the least time investment required. Whether it’s a gambler, sports enthusiast, or just any average Joe who wants to earn money doing the easiest job in the world, SportsBettingProfessor is highly targeted for everybody of all interests.
  2. Highest conversion rate – has perhaps the highest conversion rate ever seen for a sport betting-related informational product. The initial offer is uniquely designed to increase membership in a hurry. A staggeringly high percentage of the visitors you send to will end up buying the information and services. This means more commissions for you! Plus, if you have a sport betting, gambling, or money-making-opportunities-related website, your conversion rate will be incredible!
  3. Over 60% Commission! – When a visitor you refer to purchases the product, you will receive over 60% of the sale. SportsBettingProfessor has one of the most generous commission rates in the industry and one of the only sites to focus their business model on the idea of continuity & getting paid for the same referred customer month after month!
  4. Get commission even if the visitor doesn’t buy in the first visit – The site keeps track of the visitors through cookies. This means that if a visitor doesn’t buy the first time he or she visits the site, you will still get the commission for the sale when the visitor returns and buys it on another day (even without first going through your link).

Here are some helpful tools to help you get started…

Below you will find many ways to promote your link including…

  1. Banner Ads – If you have a website, placing a simple banner ad can earn you thousands of dollars.
  2. Start Making Money Within Minutes Using a PPC Campaign – Per per click advertising is among the best ways to make fast easy cash in this industry. We give you our time-tested keywords that convert time and time again.
  3. Email Marketing – One of the most effective ways for affiliates to promote the site and make sales.
  4. Auto Responders – If you get people to opt-in to your site, we have provided some really helpful and informative Auto Responders. This way you build a relationship with the client and even if they don’t purchase right away you’ll still get credit for the sale.


How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips


How Does This Work?

Who Pays Me & When Do I Get Paid?

The company we use for our affiliate program is the well known third party company called ClickBank sends out checks twice a month, on the 1st and the 16th, but you can get your money transferred right to your bank account as well. Just contact Clickbank and they”ll set it up for you.

OK, So How Do I Start on!?

Please follow these simple instructions:

We use Clickbank for our affiliate program – the worlds #1 online marketplace.

  1. Sign up for a FREE Clickbank account. If you are already a Clickbank member, then go to Step 2. It only takes a few seconds to sign up with Clickbank. Once you have completed the Clickbank sign up form and received your “Affiliate ID,” come back to this window and proceed to Step 2.
  2. Get your affiliate link to our site. After you get your Clickbank account and know your Clickbank ID, simply use the form below to get your affiliate link.

Your Affiliate id:

Place your affiliate code anywhere on your website, either as a text link, or using one of the tools referenced below.

How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips


Banner Ads: Pre-made for your selection

Choose a banner you would like to use then copy the code that is under that banner. Paste this code directly into your web page.

468×60 Banner


Use the following code for this hosted banner (simply copy and paste in HTML):

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>

234×60 Banner


Use the following code for this hosted banner (simply copy and paste in HTML):

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>

250×250 Banner


Use the following code for this hosted banner (simply copy and paste in HTML):

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>

300×250 Banner


Use the following code for this hosted banner (simply copy and paste in HTML):

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>

160×600 Banner


Use the following code for this hosted banner (simply copy and paste in HTML):

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>


How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips


Keywords For PPC

Use the following keywords for your PPC campaigns & for optimizing your affiliate pages. By using proven keywords, new pay-per-click affiliates can avoid mistakes when first starting.

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Write Better PPC Ads

  1. Keyword in titleHaving your targeted keyword in the title is very important because it will show up bold (Google highlights the used search terms in its sponsored links). In competitive industries, everybody else will show up bold, so you need to show up bold to compete. In industries where there is not much competition, having a bold title will help you stand out from the other ads.
  2. One line for unique selling point, one line for call to actionThe first line in your ad should be a unique selling point about your offer or product. It should differentiate you from other ads, and explain to customers why your product is best. The second line should ask the customer to act on that information.
  3. Keyword in bodyThe keyword in the body of the ad increases relevance both, and once again, it gets bolded.
  4. Revise on a set scheduleWhen writing ads, always write two ads and A/B test them. On a monthly basis (or more if you have high volumes, less if you have low volume), check to see which ad is performing better. Delete the losing ad, and make another variation of the winning ad. Doing this every month is the best way to increase your CTR.
  5. Keyword in Display URLNoticing a pattern here? Once again, the keyword increases relevance both in the customers mind and in Googles mind. Also, it gets bolded! Use either a sub-domain ( or a folder ( People debate over whether having a www in front of the display URL helps or hinders. I’ve yet to find any conclusive evidence of it, but it’s worth testing to find out!


How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips


Email Marketing

Blast These E-mail templates to your E-mail list and start earning right away.

Email 1

Subject: I’m doing you a HUGE favor…

Now that the American sports season is in full throttle, I want
to let you know that I have discovered the best NFL, NBA, and
MLB betting systems I’ve ever come across:

This guy Rich Allen is no joke: He’s so confident
in his picks he’ll let you have them for
30 days for only $5. I’m not kidding, you can see
for yourself:

And if you prefer, you can have the actual
systems that produce his winning picks. That way,
you probably won’t even need his tips since the
systems are so simple to follow you can easily pick
the games yourself.

Without a doubt he has the best football system
available online… Plus he also gives out winners
for College Football.

$5 for 30 days of winners …There’s no other deal
like it on the Internet. Or grab his systems and you’ll
have the knowledge right in your hands.

Check it out:


Email 2

Subject: Winnings Waiting to Be Collected

The other day I told you about the Sports Betting
Professor’s betting systems and how much money
the creator Rich Allen is making for his clients.

The systems positively sizzled this past season.
Check out these numbers:

NFL System: 25 Wins – 0 Losses
NCAA Football System: 40 Wins – 1 Loss
NBA System 88 Wins – 2 Losses

But maybe you don’t want to take my word for it?
What about hearing from those who have already used Rich’s
systems to maximize their profits this season…

“Hey Rich, Started with my old 5dimes account which had $34 left. My aim was $5 profit each bet. I’m now at $329! It’s paid for itself easily even with very small targets.” – Regards, Tony

“Dear Rich, This IS addictive. Since I started last month my account is already up 294%!!!” – Best regards, Jan

“Rich, Just wanted to thank you for your system sports bets..they rock. I started just a week ago and have been having a blast.” – Leon

And that’s just a fraction of the testimonials that have rolled in the last couple days.

Check it out:


Email 3

Subject: Last Chance Before The Price Goes Up?

I knew this might happen. Because of the overwhelming
response to his Sports Betting Professor systems, Rich
told me he’s thinking about raising the price. Get over
there pronto!

The Platinum Package gets you ALL 4 of Rich’s winning systems plus…


You read that right, if you buy the Platinum Package you get the systems and NEVER have to pay for picks. This is not a misprint.

To see this special offer, just attempt to purchase the $5 option and you’ll be taken to the special Platinum Package page.

Do not pass up this opportunity to clean up in every major
U.S. sport – NFL, NBA, College Football, MLB…

Check it out:


SB Professor’s Auto Responder Messages

*Auto Responders and Blog Posts Can Also Be Used As Articles


How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips


Tips to Earn More as an Affiliate:

From my experience, if you have no websites or mailing lists to use, then writing your own product reviews will provide some fantastic results. You don’t have to be a good writer. Just write what you really think about my betting systems. When you publish your product review, use your affiliate link to send users to SportsBettingProfessor.

You will have much better conversions if you’ll put your visitors into pre-sold mood before sending them to You can do this by building interest in the betting systems and the visitor has decided to potentially buy it after he/she reads your product review.

Write Reviews – Write a review of my sport betting systems, letting others know how incredibly well it works. Include your affiliate link at the end of the review. Post your review to your own website, and/or on free article submission sites, such as:

Alternatively, you can also write an article on sport betting systems or sport betting tips, and include a link to SportsBettingProfessor at the end as a source for further reading.

  1. Email – Email your friends or anyone you know who may be interested in making a ton of extra cash on sport betting. Also, if you own an email list of newsletter subscribers or other people who have opted in to receive email offers from you, send them an email about the system. Include your affiliate link at the end of the email.
  2. Online Communities – Talk about in various social networks and marketplace channels such as Craigslist, Myspace, etc.
  3. Videos – Create a video promotion about and upload it to various video sharing channels such as Youtube, Veoh, Google Video, etc. Include your affiliate link on the video and/or the video description.
  4. Press Releases – Post a press release once every few weeks at at similar sites, in which you include your favorable review of SportsBettingProfessor, along with your affiliate link. If you pay them $80, they will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines, potentially sending you thousands of visitors.
  5. Blogs – Talk about SportsbettingProfessor in your blogs at sites such as and post your review of my sports betting systems, including your affiliate link. You can then “ping” your blog at a site such as, so it gets picked up quickly by search engines.
  6. Your website – Advertise SportsBettingProfessor on your own website through text links or banners.
  7. Pay-Per-Click Avertising – Advertise through various PPC programs. You can either send people directly to SportsBettingProfessor using your affiliate link in your PPC ads, or you can create your own website in which you have a review of my betting systems, followed by your affiliate tracking link.


How Does This Work?  |  HTML Banners  |  Keywords For PPC  |  Email Marketing  |  Autoresponders  |  Tips