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“I wanted to say that I understood the first time I read how the system works. I also want to say thank you. I think that you have a good betting system and as long as people stick to it you can make money over the long run. I don’t bet huge but I am building my bankroll following you and I appreciate it.”
Justin L. – Lubbock, TX

“Just want to thank you for a great weekend. This is the best weekend I ever had in awhile. I just got laid off – and your great football picks this weekend have helped me with some on my bills. Hopefully, it keeps coming until I find my new job again – and hopefully it continues further. Thank You. Please keep them coming.”
Ryan B. – San Diego, CA
Do Not Make Another Sports Bet Until You Read This…

Why? Because you can’t win…

You haven’t won in the past and you will continue to lose until something radically changes. Seriously, it’s impossible for you to make money betting on sports. The truth is…

It’s Not Your Fault.

The truth is the odds are stacked against you.

Now you might follow ESPN religiously, you keep up with the NFL Network, NBA TV, you watch all the experts they march out every week – Hell you might be in 3 different Fantasy leagues. That’s all well and good but even with all that…

You still manage to lose money.

Do you know why?

It’s because you don’t have the right tools. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way and my sports betting systems are here to help.

You CAN win consistently betting on sports!

Hi I’m Rich Allen the Sports Betting Professor and I was once right where you are now: dreaming of becoming a successful sports bettor. I did all my homework and I knew as much about every team, statistic and injury report that a person could possibly hope to learn but at the end of the season… I’d still lose money!

Like 7 out of 10 times… if I was lucky!

“Nice going today. I read your methods of betting and see why you bet the way you do, Hunches lose more money for most bettors and here in Vegas I have seen it all. Long terms stats that you have put together is the way to go and I see exactly what you are doing. There will be down times but in the long haul it is all good. Thanks Rich and the very best to you.”
Joe F. – Las Vegas, NV

“So far YOUR NFL SYSTEM has been AWESOME! It’s greed and little patience that kills the average sports bettor. Realistically there’s going to be a loss somewhere down the road. But, like you said in the long run we’ll come out ahead. Keep up the good work.”
Paul G. – Marin, CA

Then Things Changed…

In the mid-1990s I got involved in the booming offshore sports betting industry. Yup, packed up and moved to the Caribbean.

Not a bad way to spend almost 10 years, believe me. But it wasn’t all fun in the sun. You see, it was there that I learned from some of the sharpest minds in the game the #1 key to being a successful sports bettor. I took that lesson and ran with it and since 2009 I’ve been giving out my picks and betting systems online.

You Can See The Results On The Top Of  This Page Showing Up To The Minute Profits!

There’s nobody else putting up these kinds of numbers. If you bet every pick I’ve ever given out you’d be absolutely crushing it. These picks have been SO SUCCESSFUL that I actually had to stop betting them publicly. Once the books knew which side of a game I was on, they adjusted their line so much that my followers couldn’t get the right pointspreads! That’s how good my picks are.

How can you be so sure?

I have kept an Excel spreadsheet of EVERY play I’ve ever given out – The winners AND the losers.

What other handicapper will do that? Speaking of which, unlike the other guys I will respond to EVERY email that I receive. I actually LIKE talking with other people who bet on sports.

So let’s get back to something I said earlier about learning the single biggest factor in becoming a successful sports bettor? What was the key? What was the secret that I discovered?

Pay attention because what I’m going to reveal to you now will change your sports betting career forever…

There are a few guys in the world that I dealt with that CONSISTENTLY made money when betting on sports. I’m talking season after season, year after year.

After getting my head kicked in every year I finally took a step back and asked myself:

What was it the top guys had in common? What were they doing that I wasn’t? And then it hit me like a lightning bolt:

They had a betting system for sports.

Not just a system for betting, but a money management system as well – and they stuck with it. They didn’t bet their favorite team or bet on a game just because it was on TV. They didn’t make a bad day even worse by trying to get it all back on the primetime game. And if a really big game like the Super Bowl, or the Final Four didn’t fit? They sat it out.

These guys don’t put on their local team colors and root like the average sports fan. They only follow one color: Green, the color of money.


You have to be able to separate rooting with your heart and betting with your head. So unless you have a betting system, one that you know has worked for years, and that you have faith in? You have no shot.

Why is it so tough to make serious money betting on sports?

Well the people running these sportsbooks are no dummies: they know how the public likes to bet. Steven Levitt, the MIT trained economist and author of the wildly successful book Freakanomics, has studied gambling in depth.

In his study of over 20,000 bets he discovered the public bet on the favorite more than 60% of the time. Sportsbooks can thus adjust their lines accordingly in favor of the underdogs because they know the public is going to be the favorites anyways!

But wait a second, then why not just bet on the underdogs and make money that way?

Well because betting only underdogs over that 20,000 game study produced a winning percentage of exactly 52%. And if you’re betting with standard 10 cent juice, $110 to win $100 for example, you need to hit 52.38% of your bets just to break even.

THAT’s how good these guys are.

Bet all favorites and you get crushed, only winning 48% of the time.

Bet all ‘dogs and win 52% of the time – you still lose!

So they Juice the lines some, but not so much that sharps can come in and blindly bet underdogs. Everybody loses except the bookies. It’s not fair…

That is why my research didn’t stop there. My team of statisticians and I tore apart HUNDREDS of seasons of data, across multiple sports, and we found clear patterns that will allow you to win year after year.

So you need to have a betting system.

Well now you’re probably thinking…

“That’s great Rich but I’m not a full time gambler. I don’t have time to develop my own system.”

That’s OK. I guarantee you will make a profit betting on sports this year if you follow MY sports betting systems. I’ll say it again:

I guarantee that if you follow all of my picks you will 100% make a profit this year. Again, look at the numbers in those spreadsheets – Since I’ve been in the business I’ve never failed to make a profit in any given year for my clients.

And do you want to know the best part? You don’t have to do any work. I’ll send you the picks via email every day. You just open the email, see what the plays are for that day and make your bets.

How did I create these winning betting systems? Well I already told you I assembled a team of statisticians to help me out and crack the winning code. While the data we came up with was relatively simple, it was amazing. There were some commonalities, and if you had the discipline to stick to what the numbers showed, you would win – Just like the MIT blackjack team, the star stock traders, or the few sports bettors in the world who can make a living doing this.

We first set our sights on the NFL, since that takes in more than 53% of all betting handle in the U.S. If you can’t win in the NFL you don’t belong in this business. After the success we had with the NFL we got started on College Football, the NBA and MLB – so now we never have to take a month off!

I’m telling you: this is as big of a no-brainer as it gets.

  • I am guaranteeing you’ll make money this year
  • I’ll show you every pick I’ve ever made
  • I’ll answer any question you have

And now I’m REALLY going to make this the no-brainer of all no-brainers…

I’m only asking for $5 for 30 days of picks

That’s right: A $5 payment will get you a month’s worth of my winning sports picks.

It’s a risk free way to make sure I’m not all talk.

Take this small step that will change your life today.

Or don’t…

You can go back to throwing beer cans at the TV because you’re on the wrong side AGAIN.

The choice is yours.

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“Great job. Let’s get the man again today my friend. Let’s put the sportsbooks on their knees. Thanks again.”
Andrew A. – Philadelphia, PA