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NBA Platinum Package
Instead of paying for my picks every month, what if you only had to pay me one time and only one time?

The NBA Platinum Package – Do you know what it’s like to lose money betting on the NBA?  I don’t.  You read that right: since coming online in 2009 I’ve never had a losing season in the NBA.  It’s not that I’m smarter than you it’s just that I have more resources and more data at my disposal.  These resources have allowed me to create and unbeatable NBA system.  One of the main keys in betting NBA is the power of pointspread protection.  Most people HATE betting on bad teams, it goes against human nature.  But if that lousy team is getting 12 points, and they lose by 11 well you won your bet didn’t you?

Having my NBA Platinum Package in your betting arsenal is a must.  It provides bankroll protection for those rainy days when you may have a losing streak in another sport.  Death, Taxes and the Sports Betting Professor NBA System – the only 3 things you can count on.  The Platinum Package is available now for a ONE-TIME payment.   Order today and you’ll get my Original NBA system and my NBA betting tips for life.  On top of that you’ll also get my original NFL, College Football, MLB systems and tips for life for those sports as well.

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NBA Picks Only Package
Everything you need to pick winning NBA games

The NBA Picks Only Package – Are you familiar with the Pink Floyd song ‘Money?’  You know how at the beginning they just have the sound of the cash register?  Well that’s the sound you’ll hear if you purchase my NBA betting picks.  I’ve NEVER had a losing season in the NBA.  So forget about getting on ESPN and handicapping tonight’s matchups.  Just sign up for NBA tips and I’ll do the work for you.  Just click open your email and look for the winners, it’s that easy.  And you’ll pay hundreds less than what the other guys are charging.  As an added bonus when you pay the monthly charge for my NBA picks you’ll also be subscribed to my MLB, College Football and NFL picks at no extra cost.

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NBA Expert Package
Get our award winning NBA system and find your own winning basketball bets.

NBA Expert Package – It might seem easy to figure out that NFL games usually have key numbers because most of the scoring comes in increments of 3’s and 7’s.  But did you also know there are KEY numbers in the NBA?   It might seem crazy when there’s an average of between 160-175 FG attempts in an NBA game, plus free throws, but if you’re going to make any money betting the NBA this season you need to know what these key numbers are.  Luckily my Sports Betting Professor NBA system spells it out for you in a crystal clear format.  You’ll know EXACTLY which teams to be on.  The best part?  My NBA system has never had a losing season.  As an added bonus when you invest in my NBA Betting System you’ll also receive my other 3 Original betting systems: MLB, College Football and NFL at no extra cost.

Yes Rich, I want to take advantage of this offer to receive your award winning trading systems for a one time payment of $197.00.

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