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The NFL Platinum Package – Can you believe that some so-called handicapping experts don’t even give out NFL betting tips?  Me neither. The NFL is the king of American sports betting; there isn’t even a close second.  But if you’re going to make money betting on the NFL you better be armed with the best betting system possible.  Why?  Because the odds makers pay the most attention to this sport.   The NFL accounts for nearly 60% of the betting handle at most sportsbooks so it’s a make or break season.   That’s why it’s a must to have my Sports Betting Professor NFL betting system at your disposal.  Did you know there is one bet you should never make in the NFL, and that’s it’s one of the most widely recommended bets out there?   You will when you get my NFL system.

If you get my NFL Platinum Package you’ll have information like this at your fingertips.   Another key betting concept to keep in mind for NFL football is the power of point distribution.  Most NFL scoring comes in 3’s and 7’s and you have to know why that’s important and what it means when handicapping a full slate of Sunday games.   The Platinum Package is available now for a ONE-TIME payment.   Order today and you’ll get my NFL system and my NFL betting tips for life.  On top of that you’ll also get my original NBA, College Football, MLB systems and tips for life for those sports as well.

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NFL Picks Only Package
Everything you need to pick winning NFL games

The NFL Picks Only Package – As you can tell by the 12 months a year, 24 hour a day coverage of the NFL by networks like ESPN and the NFL Network, there’s no such thing as an NFL offseason anymore.  So there’s never a time you shouldn’t be thinking about the NFL either.   However, there is a danger of information overload.  Sometimes if you Think Long you’ll Think Wrong.  That’s why you need my Sports Betting Professor NFL Picks package.  Let me do the work and I’ll send you the winning NFL picks right to your email inbox.  As an added bonus when you pay the monthly charge for my NFL picks you’ll also be subscribed to my MLB, College Football and NBA picks at no extra cost.

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NFL Expert Package
Get our award winning NFL betting system and find your own winning football bets.

NFL Expert Package – You’ve watched football your whole life.  You know the game as well as anybody down at the local pub right?  Well do you know the importance of the numbers behind the game – the numbers that will make the difference between winning and losing betting on the NFL this season?  What about the Biggest Mistake you can make betting on the NFL?  And how about the power of point distribution?  These are all key NFL betting concepts found in my NFL betting system that can be yours today.  As an added bonus when you invest in my NFL System you’ll also receive my other 3 Original systems: MLB, College Football and NBA at no extra cost.

Yes Rich, I want to take advantage of this offer to receive your award winning trading systems for a one time payment of $197.00.

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